The conference

Conference goals

The aim of the conference is to present achievements and exchange experiences in the field of theoretical econometrics and broadly understood applications of quantitative methods.

Organised biennially since 1983, the conference provides a forum for reviewing the current state of the art, presenting, reviewing and promoting innovative developments and indicating directions for further work and research in the field of theory and applications of econometrics.

The practical dimension of the conference is particularly important, including the participation of representatives of business practice, which has distinguished our conference from other conferences for years. The relations of the Szczecin’s econometric school with the real estate market make this sector the most represented among practitioners. Also this year we invite representatives of companies and institutions to actively participate in the conference, by addressing a special offer to them.

The conference Microeconometrics in Theory and Practice provides an excellent opportunity to integrate people from different universities, it also serves as a platform to connect academia with those businessmen who are familiar with quantitative methods and their use.

Conference topics

Conference topics include modelling of economic processes i.a. including:

  • labour market
  • regional analyses
  • innovations
  • demography
  • households
  • behavioural economics
  • spatial management
  • activities of enterprises
  • property management


The sessions will take place at the Faculty of Economics and Management, University of Szczecin, at Mickiewicza Street no. 64, Szczecin.

Locations of accompanying events will be announced soon…


The conference languages are Polish and English. Separate sessions will be held in each language and the info will be provided in the agenda.